Optimal Engineering Design for Dependable Water and Power Generation
in Remote Areas Using Renewable Energies and Intelligent Automation
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The 8th and final project meeting
The 8th and final project meeting took place on 20th-22nd of December 2010 in Hammamet, Tunisia.... more
The 5th project meeting

OPEN-GAIN 5th project meeting

The 5th project meeting took place on 25th et 26th of June 2009 in Hammamet, Tunisia. The meeting was attended by: Prof. Essam Badreddin (Project Coordinator), Dr. Amr Kandil (UHEI), Prof. Sadi Abdelkrim, Dr. Mohammedi Kamel (CDER), Prof. Sami Karaki (AUB), Mr. Firas Alawneh (NERC), Prof. Dionysis Assimacopoulos, Mr. Makis Kartalides, Dr. George Arampatzis (NTUA), Prof. Cesar Prada, Dr. Fernando Tadeo, Mr Luis Palacin (UVA), Prof. Sassi Ben-Nasrallah, Prof. Amenallah Guizani, Dr Hamza Elfil, Dr Ridha Andoulsi, Khenissi Lotfi (CRTEn). Participant presented and discussed the project work progress and results achieved up to the first half of the 3rd project period