Optimal Engineering Design for Dependable Water and Power Generation
in Remote Areas Using Renewable Energies and Intelligent Automation
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The 8th and final project meeting
The 8th and final project meeting took place on 20th-22nd of December 2010 in Hammamet, Tunisia.... more
Workpackage 1

Workpackage number: WP-1 Start date or starting event: 0

Participants: DE Total PM Person-months per participant: 27 27


O-1.1: To supervise the progress of the project and the execution of the timetable

O-1.2: To supervise the contents and the quality of deliverables

O-1.3: To establish a cooperative working atmosphere between all partners

Description of work

T-1.1: Meetings (DE): Specific efforts will be put to reduce travel and physical meetings. Instead, the utilization of information technologies will be stressed. Therefore, after the kick-off meeting all principal researchers of each project partner will meet once a year to share information and to monitor the progress of the project. The project coordinator has to circulate objectives, agendas and material for discussion. He will later also provide the minutes and a list of action items.

Coordination meeting will be organized at months 11, 23 and 33. A large workshop will take part at the end of the project (month 35).

T-1.2: Documentation (DE): The project coordinator is also responsible for the documentation generated during the project and he is obligated to maintain all report records, from the quarterly report of every WP to the minutes of every additional meeting of the WP leaders, which might be necessary to improve or speed-up technical solutions. Moreover, records of discussion forums have also to be maintained

T-1.3: Administration and internet resources (DE): To support efficient communication between partners the project coordinator shall provide internet services such as databases, web-based discussion forums and newsletters to the partners. A server with a database for internal administration will be set-up. Thus, partners will be able to deliver reports, libraries and additional deliverables and to obtain information from project coordinator. The server can also supervise the satisfaction of deadlines. The newsletter will be distributed by e-mail and recorded on the server. Moreover, an Internet site for permanent forum will be opened.


D-1.1: Internet services as project management platform

D-1.2: Periodical reports about the current state of the project and the financial situation

D-1.3: Final report about the project and proceeding of the Final Workshop

Milestones and expected result

M-1.1: Start Internet services after server set-up

R-1.1: Successful set up of Internet resources

R-1.2: Ensured high quality of deliverables under control of the scientific committee