Optimal Engineering Design for Dependable Water and Power Generation
in Remote Areas Using Renewable Energies and Intelligent Automation
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The 8th and final project meeting
The 8th and final project meeting took place on 20th-22nd of December 2010 in Hammamet, Tunisia.... more

WP-8: Dissemination of Scientific Work

Workpackage number: WP-8 Start date or starting event: 0

Participants: DZ LB TN JO Total PM Person-months per participant: 15 8 6 4 33


O-8.1: To increase awareness and education level on problems and opportunities in the field of desalination using renewable energies

O-8.2: To reinforce the building of capacities to promote new results and the importance of automated systems in general

O-8.3: To disseminate information in the shape of local and public authorities by supporting and promoting de-centralized water and power production for remote areas

O-8.4: To disseminate the know-how acquired through the project within all MENA countries, which will be actively identified to facing de-central water and power supply difficulties

Description of work

T-8.1: Resources and conditions assessment (DZ, LB, TN, JO): To develop the data basis for the decision support system, which has to take into account country boundary conditions for the design, national information sources on water, wind, and solar conditions as well as socio-economic, administrative and political boundary conditions for every participating MPC will be reviewed. This data will also later be used to support dissemination.

T-8.2: Potentials assessment (DZ, LB, TN, JO): National information on technical knowledge, manufacturing capacities/capabilities and conditions for public-private partnerships for each participating MPC will be reviewed. Studies on socio-economic and political impact of the dissemination of the results, regarding quality of life, gender, migration, employment and regional conflicts, will be undertaken and reported to the commission.

T-8.3: Results dissemination (DZ, LB, TN, JO): Results will be disseminated by the water authorities within their countries. Besides further submitting publications with the latest results to all relevant conferences, the leader of WP-8 will organize exhibitions and an international workshop.

T-8.4: Access policy to the facilities (DZ, LB, TN, JO): A policy for the future accessibility to the facilities for research will be established. Hereby it will be kept in mind that the laboratory itself shall, under conditions pre-established from the EU, become accessible to every institution interested in the knowledge and tools developed by the project and/or in additional research, including experimenting with the plant itself.

T-8.5: Dissemination MENA wide, advisory and services (DZ, LB, TN, JO): Results of the project will be distributed into MENA countries by using the networking capacities of MEDRC. Studies on socio-economic and political impact of the project obtained from T-8.2 regarding quality of life, gender, migration, employment, regional conflicts will be transmitted. Moreover, R&TD consultancy and engineering services will be offered to water and power authorities, companies and research institutions.


D-8.1: Individual MPC reports on “Resources and Boundary Conditions for the proposed plant”

D-8.2: Reports on potentials for local manufacturing of components and systems in each MPC

D-8.3: Report on “Dissemination of project results into MENA countries”

Milestones and expected result

R-8.1: Organization of an on-site workshop to disseminate and exemplify results

R-8.2: Proposal from MPC to develop co-operative research by using the prototype in the future

R-8.3: Interest and decision of MENA countries to introduce high technological desalination in their arid remote areas

Tasks T-8.4 and T-8.5 from TN shall be performed by the subcontractor CO3 from Tunisia.


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