Optimal Engineering Design for Dependable Water and Power Generation
in Remote Areas Using Renewable Energies and Intelligent Automation
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The 8th and final project meeting
The 8th and final project meeting took place on 20th-22nd of December 2010 in Hammamet, Tunisia.... more
OPEN-GAIN Kick-Off Meeting

OpenGain Meetings

OPEN-GAIN Kick-Off Meeting

The meeting took place in Hurgada Egypt during the period April 18-20, 2007. The meeting was attended by Prof. Badreddin (UMA) -Coordinator- , Martin Wolf (UMA), Prof. Assimacopoulos (NTUA), Dimitris Galanis (NTUA), Prof. de Prada Moraga (ISA), Luis Gomez Palacin (ISA), Imed Chaouch (C.R.T.En.) Firas Alawneh (NERC), Prof. Sadi (CDER). Prof. Chedid (AUB) was unable to attend the whole meeting due to the cancellation of his flight.

The main goals of the meeting are:

1) to discuss and clarify on the technical issues necessary to start the project

2) discuss and agree on the administrative issues especially with regard to the finances

3) discuss the site for the prototype since (C.R.T.En.) has problems of administrative nature which can lead to difficulties building the prototype there

4) presentation and socialization of the partners


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  1. OPEN-GAIN Kick-Off Meeting
    26 December 2007