Optimal Engineering Design for Dependable Water and Power Generation
in Remote Areas Using Renewable Energies and Intelligent Automation
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The 8th and final project meeting
The 8th and final project meeting took place on 20th-22nd of December 2010 in Hammamet, Tunisia.... more

OPEN-GAIN Partners

The MPC involved in the project are represented by high-qualified groups that complement very well the European groups. Jordan for example is one of the MPC without own natural sources of fossil energy and very limited water resources. A research institution with strong background in design of wind-energy conversion equipment shall look after appropriate solutions for small-scale wind power supply. This shall be done in collaboration with the national water authority that will identify the candidate sites for pilot projects.

The group from Tunisia is offering the capacity for the site implementation and field-testing of the exemplary prototype system. It shall also develop national solutions for concentrating light on PV cells, for which they shall check feasibility of transfer into local industrial manufacturing. A local SME shall participate for assembling and installation of the prototype test system. Based on their experience with PV implementation in Tunisia and other African countries, the SME aims at mounting a manufacturing unit for solar PV modules in Tunisia, which will meet the requirements of international PV markets.

The participant of Lebanon is well recognised in the area of energy management and renewable energies. They shall contribute to develop the hybrid energy management system together with the participants from Greece and Algeria. In addition, the participant from Algeria as one of the major MPC countries has the reputation and the connections to guarantee the accomplishment of well-recognized conferences etc. and thus the successful dissemination of the results.


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